I want my kitchen reflect the wild and spontaneous nature of my land and the enveloping climate of southern Italy. I want to create a sensory experience that progressive stresses the typical products of our region.


Domenico Cilenti — Executive chef

"I try to reproduce in my dishes the flavor of the evenings of September with its warm colors or recreate gastronomically the morning mist on the steep slopes of pines that slip into the sea on winter days up to recreate a dish that evoke the same feeling that i had when i resurfaced after a plunge from the "trabucco" of Manacore ".



Domenico Cilenti — Executive chef

The rediscovery of native products, wild vegetables and traditional recipes. Deconstructed in each ingredients, cooking processes and treatment to be successively reassemble, updated to the 

current's host wishes. Domenico will take you on a gastronomic-chromatic journey, borrowed from the biodiversity of the land of Puglia.

8 tables

situated on a 90 meters high cliff above sea level

in an exclusive and intimate context

in the historical town of Peschici.


Our goal is to offer a sensory experience that highlights the relationship between the nature of the elements of traditional cuisine, their natural seasonality and our peculiar history of innovation.


Welcome to our universe.

A selection of more than 200 labels of the regional national and international wines carefully selected by Chef Domenico Cilenti to add an extra dimension for each of the courses. 

The city of Peschici, where is located the restaurant "Porta di Basso" was founded in the eleventh century by a Slavs soldiers handful sent in the area by Ottonne I to cope with the Saracens threat. Peschici's castle was built by the Byzantines around 970 to protect the Gargano coast and rebuilt by Frederick II. During the Spanish time the Peschici's castels became an important bulwark against the Turkish raids.

Today it can be visited after an extensive restoration work.

The urban layout around the Byzantine walls has an intricate morphology, made of alleys, squares, courtyards, stairs, narrow passages, strings and especially white houses, typical of Mediterranean architecture.




In this scenario, large overlooking windows , offering uninterrupted views of the sea with its colors, the bushy spontaneous figs threes that climb along the steep wall that in October offer peace to the nests of seagulls.



Restaurant "Porta di Basso" host a permanent exhibition of paintings of Leon Marino and one neo primitive sculpture of Michele Circiello. The works of Marino, so suggestive and unique, are part of a trend that refers to the revival of a pre-modernist art, while, among the fragments and splinters, that characterize the sculptures of Circiello, we can recognize a kind of transfiguration of auroral rupestrian pattern.

The first culinary experiment was born in '82. Mrs. Pina was the owner and chef of the family restaurant. Her dry and concrete style, the choose of local ingredients, the homemade bread and pasta and the traditional use of ingriedients, formed the future of Domenico that until 1988, not yet twenty, was helping his Mom.

The dishes of Cilenti's family sank in an honest and accurate cooking tradition made from genuine products and originated from knowledge passed on a family basis that has allowed over time the stratification of individual different culinary traditions of the family from Peschici. This internal biodiversity formed Domenico and his cousine and will accompany him in the opening choice of restaurant "Porta di Basso".


be different, not be different itself, but rather to give to the audience a unique experience



Annalisa Nullo — co-owner

At Porta di Basso,


our focus is on a complete experience. In doing so, we want to highlight the relationship between the raw produce, and the expression in the cuisine.

We have chosen to serve a distinct and considered set menu to all guests.


The drink menus have been carefully curated to add an extra dimension to each of the courses. This way we can ensure our guests have a unique and precise experience on every occasion


Tasting menu "Orti e Porti of Puglia"

Tasting menu "Made in Puglia"

Tasting menu "in honor of Carlo Petrini"




To fully enjoy the experience, we ask that you set aside a whole evening.

Our staff is our extended family.

We work closely from early in the morning until late in the evening,

so it's important that we can respect each other but still push each other to give our best 




Domenico Cilenti — Executive chef

We take inspiration from nature and produces. Especially from the producers that put their heart and soul to make fantastic produces for us.


Domenico Cilenti — Executive chef

"Porta di basso" takes its name from the gateway that from the Castel of Peschici goes to the Aragonese historical downtown.

Peschici was conquered first by saracen, then slavs after destroyed and conquered by the normans, then swabian, anjou and finally aragonese, so the location of the restaurant "Porta di Basso" is right on the center of Mediterranean history.

Consisting of three space, with 8 tables and 13 in summer, overlooking the majestic view of a steep cliff face, the height of 90 meters above sea level.

Just one year after the opening, the restaurant "Porta di Basso, join the prestigiose Michelin Guide and Touring Club and other prestigious national and international guides.

The cousine of Dominico Cilenti is a mix of intuition, shades of color, technique and improvisation in which the relationship with the territory and its seasons, becomes the conceptual horizon within which to create his dishes.






it is better to park near the door which gives access to the historical town of Peschici


The door is 5 minutes walk from the parking site near Via Solferino. Crossing Via Magenta, take Via Mulini a vento. Going into the historic area along via Roma until the junction in Piazza del Popolo. At the junction turn right and continue on Via Colombo until number 38. You have arrived.





from monday

     to sunday


                Lunch and



January and 



 (by reservation only)




from 10.00 to 19.00





Press enquires

Where we are


Porta di Basso

is located in Via Cristoforo Colombo 38, in the heart of medieval downtown of Peschici, in Gargano, in Puglia,
a region of south Italy.

Airport Bari Palese or Brindisi Casale (Aereoporto del Salento) are the nearest aeroport from Peschici.

Peschici is far
2 h e 30 m. whit train from Fogg ia
3 h from Bari
5 h from Roma.


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bus from the aeroport, by local train I national train or by car


Domenico Cilenti is executive chef, chef manager and owner of "Porta di Basso", restaurant in Peschici, where he is born in 1972 and where he spent most of his early culinary career in the family restaurant kitchen. Very young he leaves Italy for Switzerland where he works as a sous chef in the kitchens of Chef Dario Ranza, excutive chef of Villa Principe Leopoldo in Lugano.

Since 2003, date of the opening of "Porta di Basso", the ​​Gargano area, relatively unknown to most people, becomes treasure of international culinary world, thanks to the work of Domenico and other prominent members of regional innovation kitchen.

The Domenico's style is focused on creating a complete experience made of net shades, bright flavors typical of southern Italy that consists of products entirely organic, biodynamic or wild (spontaneus). " Opening "Porta di Basso" seemed the best way to make shine in our dishes the natural complexity of the elements that shape our territory." The unique design that characterizes his ingredients combinations allows him in 2003, right one year after the opening, to join Michelin guide, Gambero Rosso, Identità Golose, Touring, l'Esperesso and much more. In 2006 he is awarded as "best young chef of Puglia", after, in 2008, he is awarded as "one of the best young chef of the South Italy" by Luigi Cremona, famous journalist of the culinary world and in the same year he was awarded as "chef of the year in Puglia".

Today Domenico Cilenti is recognized as one of the most influential cousine Chefs from Puglia in the world.

From 2009 to 2011 become one of the cooks of the famous program "La Prova del Cuoco" conducted

by Antonella Clerici on Rai Uno.

Since 2011 become member one of FOOD SUD SYSTEM, a collective of chef curators of

food and wine events inside "We are in Puglia".

Today he lives whit his partner Annalisa and 2 daughters, Ludovica 5 years and Sveva 2 years.

The tasting menu of Domenico consist of more than 20 courses. Take the culinary tradition of southern Italy, bringing it back to the essentials and then reassemble it in a completely new narrative. Dine at "Porta di Basso" will transport the guests on a culinary tour of the breathtaking Gargano; traveling between mild and sunny climates of the only spot of the Adriatic coast trough the warmer color of Forest Umbra, one of the oldest and wildest italian natural reserve until Varano lake and its unique tradition of fishing.

All this, as the flavors of Domenico, are present in the dishes of the "Porta di Basso".









ristorante Porta di Basso


ristorante Porta di Basso




T’annusai, erba di luna,


mentre d’oro candivi


il fianco opalino della scogliera


che domava, in risacche, le algose




Eri, dell’Adriatico agrodolce,


rosso afrore di labbra.





gabriele de cosmo - poet

ristorante Porta di Basso



ristorante Porta di Basso


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January and February

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Saturday : 19 : 00-22 : 00



ristorante Porta di Basso



January and



(by reservation only

photo & website by Domenico d'Alessandro


via Colombo 38/centro storico di Peschici/Gargano/ITALY